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Universal fit
This back seat organizer fits most car models that feature detachable seat headrests. Plus, its top attachment strap is conveniently adjustable, so you can get a better fit for your vehicle seats.
Hexy One Car Seat Organizer Size
Stressful family trips are a thing of the past
Hexy One Car Seat Organizer Description 1
Plenty of pockets
Eight pockets keep drinks, snacks, toys, and books right at hand. Separate pocket for tablets and phones specifically designed for touch-friendly use – so kids can watch cartoons as the miles (and minutes) go by.
Hexy One Car Seat Organizer Description 2
Snug fit, quick setup
Sturdy metal hooks, strong nylon straps and an anti-slip back layer securely hold the organizer on the seat back and prevent it from sliding while on the road. Plus, installation is easy and takes a minute!
Hexy One Car Seat Organizer Description 3
Durable & easy to care
Crafted from smooth eco-leather, this seat organizer is waterproof and easy to clean with a damp cloth. The clear TPU pocket is also waterproof and safe for babies. All the materials used are vegan and non-toxic.
Installation and more in the video below
Why Choose Owleys’ “Hexy” Organizer
  “Hexy” Organizer No Organizer
Enhanced Storage
Neat Organization
Easy Accessibility
Clutter Reduction
Universal Fit
Stylish Design

Travel Convenience

How do I clean this seat back organizer?

Wipe it with a damp cloth or hand wash with warm water and mild detergent.

What sizes of bottles and glasses can I store in the side pockets?

These pockets hold bottles and glasses up to 1 liter.

Does this car organizer affect the size of the legroom?

No, it doesn’t – even if you fill up all the pockets.

Do I have to fasten all three attachment straps to secure this organizer?

No, you can only attach the headrest and backrest straps. If you don’t have any place to secure the bottom strap, these two attachments will be enough.

Can I use my tablet while it’s in the pocket?

Yes, the TPU pocket is designed to be touch-friendly.

(31 reviews)
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Verified Buyer
Emily Johnson

with two kids, my car was always a mess, but this organizer has really helped to declutter the back seats. the installation is a breeze and it fits nicely behind the seats without taking up too much legroom. exactly what I was looking for to keep my car tidy during family outings✨✨

Verified Buyer
Ethan Williams

This seat organizer is absolutely fantastic! I purchased two and they have made road trips with kids so much more manageable. The different sized pockets are perfect for storing everything from toys and snacks to baby wipes and water bottles. The quality is great, and the hexagonal design looks chic. It's simple to attach and stays in place even with my little ones constantly reaching for things. A great investment for any parent! I also have seat protectors in the same design and love my set. Thank you! Highly recommend Owleys products!

Verified Buyer
Olivia Davis

I purchased the 'Hexy' Car Back Of Seat Organizer and it has proven to be very practical. It offers plenty of storage space and the material is easy to clean, which is a big plus with kids. However, I do wish the organizer was a bit wider to fully cover the back of my seats. That said, it's still a very helpful product for keeping my car organized on the go.

Verified Buyer
Mason Anderson

I love my owley's back of seat organizer! the pockets provide plenty of storage space and the design is perfect for my car interior

Verified Buyer
Ava Martinez

This seat back organizer is a life safer for me 👏 The pockets are perfect for storing toys, books, and snacks for my kids during car rides. The material is easy to wash with even a wet wipe to remove dirty spots quickly. It also doesn't move around while I drive and the kids use it as it has an anti-slip bottom made of rubber I guess? Overall, I highly recommend this organizer for parents looking for an easy way to keep their back seat cleaner and their children entertained during car rides 🙌

Verified Buyer
Liam Thompson

I recently bought this Owleys car seat organizer for my kids and I am so glad I did! The pockets are perfect for holding drinks, snacks, and toys, and the straps make it easy to attach to the back of the seat. My kids love it and now they have a place to keep all their things in front of them while we are on the go. I highly recommend it! Thank you team!

Verified Buyer
Sophia Walker

Excellent quality, pockets are sewn well. Looking forward to try kick mats as well.Would definitely recommend this organizer for those traveling with family or friends. Handy item.

Verified Buyer
Noah Rodriguez

We're loving our Owleys. We got seat protectors as well of back-of-seat organizers, stand-alone "magic box" organizer, and trunk organizers. We love how it fits our car's aesthetic and all the different compartments. Most are quite sturdy, but the garbage bin collapses, so that is frustrating. We like the look, so just wish it stood up properly. But overall, quite happy with the quality and customer service! Thanks so much!

Verified Buyer
Isabella Mitchell

So far, I love the seat covers and organizers. They look very premium and match PERFECTLY the Jeep contrast stitched black/brown interior. Would recommend.

Verified Buyer
Lucas Hernandez

really high-quality materials! leather, rubber coating, fasteners. easy to install and fits snugly. I'm happy with my purchase

Verified Buyer
Mia Clark

Really high quality and useful organizer to travel with children. Excellent materials, soft and durable, easy to wash off dirty marks. My daughter really likes that she has a tablet and all the toys in front of her. And I like that my child is busy all the way, while I can drive peacefully. 5 stars.

Verified Buyer
Jackson Scott

Convenient and cute. Thank you

Verified Buyer
Harper Lee

I purchased this seat back organizer two months ago for a baby shower. My friends love it! The gift was a success, so I am completely satisfied with my purchase and can recommend this product :)

Verified Buyer
Aiden Young

best seat back organizer I've ever found online. highly recommend this brand! high quality, stylish design, fast shipment + friendly customer support! thanks team!

Verified Buyer
Amelia Turner

My kids are enjoying their trips with these car organizers! Now everything they need is right in front of them - books, snacks, drinks, tablets with videos, etc. And I am completely satisfied with the quality and quick delivery 👍

Verified Buyer
Logan Brown

top quality seat organizer! in love with this brown color

Verified Buyer
Evelyn White

Loving my car organizer!! It's perfect for keeping all my daughter's stuff in one place and also for protecting the back of the seat. Lovely color that matches perfectly with our car interior. Thank you so much!

Verified Buyer
Carter Hall

Such a beatiful product!! Can't wait to use it in my car! 5 stars!!!

Verified Buyer
Abigail Smith

I won’t lie if I say this thing saved my nerves. My daughter is 6 and she’s a very messy kid… before, during trips with her, I literally went crazy: she constantly threw away toys and stained the tablet with dirty hands, asked me for a drink or was hungry. But with this seat organizer, I finally breathed a sigh of relief! All her toys, drinks and snacks are right in front of her, she herself takes them and puts them back. The tablet is stored in a special pocket and stays clean all the way. It’s a wow! Highly recommend this car organizer for seat back!

Verified Buyer
Jayden Davis

This car seat organizer has solved our problem with a tablet in the car forever! Our son constantly stained it with juice or baby puree, so after the trip the tablet was scary to look at… Now we turn on the cartoons and put it in a special transparent pocket, where it stays clean all the way! Owleys, you are amazing!!

Verified Buyer
Charlotte Wilson

Got 3 for my Pacifica, fit perfectly. Very convenient pockets for storing kids things, and the car upholstery stays clean. Thanks a lot!

Verified Buyer
Jack Moore

Our daughter is happy 🙂 This seat organizer became her personal world with her belonings during our commutes. And while she is happy, I’m happy to, for the first time in many years I learned what a quiet trip is.

Verified Buyer
Scarlett Adams

I ordered this with the plan of summer road trips for my kids. My twins have their seats organized to their liking, so they have their items at hands reach. The pockets are thick and made of strong material. The pocket for the tablet works great and still allows for touch screen while watching movies and youtube. The mess pockets fit a big size water bottle. It’s a great feature to have now for a back up mask to be safely put in the car so it won’t be forgotten, keeping their cell phone chargers, ear buds ect, in place with out the mess or tangle of items. For someone with small children, preteens or teens or anyone who road trips this is a great item. The straps are thick and the snaps are fancy and strong. The entire system looks like it will hold up for a century.

Verified Buyer
Caleb Taylor

These seat back organizers just arrived so I installed them in my Subaru and tried to imagine what my grandkids would put where. Since they do not bring any ipad type devices in my car the small clear screen pocket is not valuable. The nice pockets I like to use are for sports water bottles. Also they will protect the seat from muddy sneakers.

Verified Buyer
Madison Martinez

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